The Visoul Experience

How can you discover yourself and live the life that you want?

Here's how to live the Visoul Experience even if you're going through the toughes period of your life.

Visual Guides in Action

I am a designer and innovator of many development programs

My Name is Osama Natto

I'm the creator of AccMakk and The Station as well as other startup programs. I'm also the founder of the Visoul and together with my webinars as well as my coaching programs, I've helped over thousands of people just like you take the necessary steps to find what they really want in life or break away from the limitations they have on their lives and build something powerful, something that gives you the opportunity to live that life you wish for yourself and more importantly, that allows you to feel freedom.

My mission is to help people find an easier way to do the things that they love, to find freedom, to know what it feels like, the confidence and the peace that you find when you're doing something that you love and bringing you fulfillment. And nothing matters more to me than helping people figure out how to do this, how to build something big and powerful and make an impact without it taking a toll on your mental state, your emotional state, your physical health, and your relationships.

I would like to show you on this page everything you need to know about the Visoul Experience that has helped people from 36 countries around the world.

If you are now going through a difficult phase in your life, don't worry as you are not the only one. I personally went through very difficult circumstances that affected me greatly and the result was that my business was damaged, my financial level was reduced, and I also ended a 17-year marriage.

During that phase, I started looking for answers and solutions and visited a lot of specialists, whether they were therapists, life trainers and even relationship consultants in several countries. I had difficulty expressing my wishes and faced problems in decision-making. I spent many days and nights alone thinking, looking, trying and ending up blaming myself. I went to use graphics and shapes to express myself and identify my individual identity and here was the beginning of a real exploration of my inner self.

After several months of drawing and using visual shapes and colors, I set out what I wanted and started to pursue it... The amazing and beautiful thing about this is that it has been achieved and I have begun to see the results in a short period as if there was a strong wave pushing me to succeed. Today I live a luxurious life, I started new businesses and I have entered into several investments and married a wonderful woman and rebuilt my relationship with my children and most importantly I have found myself. Yes, I found my lost self, and I made up with it.

أسامة نتو يعمل من المنزل على طاولة الطعان

I wanted to make a positive impact in this world, so I worked for months to design this experience, which I enjoyed to make it available to anyone who goes through difficult circumstances and needs to make crucial decisions. The Visoul Experience is a visual experience that you do yourself and in private using visual tools designed specifically to move your inner feelings and help you express what is inside you in terms of what you want and how you get it in order to live a well-connected life controlled by you.

During my work on the design of the experiment, I used an international team of specialists and we did a lot of research and many experiments and based on different sciences in order to get an integrated experience and to achieve results in record time.

أسامة مع فريق العمل في مقر نيست دبي

Unlike other programs, this experience is specifically designed for you. You may have tried training courses or consultations with specialists or trainers, and that was to no avail to you That may be because the tips and advice that you were given didn’t make you go deeper into yourself as an individual and made you feel like you are not ready to make any big changes to your life.

The Visoul Experience consists of 4 stages, each designed to move you from one stage to a better one.

  • The first stage is the realization stage, it takes you on a deep journey to discover your inner self with its multiple layers until you reach who you really are and what you really want.
  • The second stage is designed to get rid of the limitations in your life and these may be actual restrictions or fictitious restrictions that prevent you from moving forward with your dreams and goals.
  • In the third stage, which is the goal-achieving stage, you will be able to develop a plan in detail with an emphasis on the seriousness of the steps and their relationship to your new life using a color-supported simulation exercise to visually show you how effective the plan you have drawn yourself really is.
  • The final stage of the Visoul Experience is designed to help you build an internal support environment to keep you on track and develop the passion within you to move on with your life and fulfill your desires.

You can finish the Visoul Experience in just one day if you decide to complete all the stages at once. You can also distribute the stages over a few days to keep up with your schedule and how busy you are. You are in control of every stage, where no one rushes you or who controls time or thinking... So, sail into the world of your own self on your own terms.

You can experience it yourself within days of ordering and completing the payment process, as we ship all orders on the same day to reach you 3 days after the shipping date. So far, we've shipped to several countries around the world, from Australia in the east to Canada in the west.

صندوق تجربة مرآة الذات اللون الابيض

I guarantee you that you will be amazed by experiencing Visoul and you will discover aspects of your life that you have overlooked. I guarantee you that 100%. If you are unhappy after completing the first stage for any reason, just send me an email and I will refund you and I will send the courier to pick up the Visoul box.

The Visoul Experience box has everything you need so that you can do the experiment successfully.

You don't need any extra tools. All you have to do is to take the time to go through the experience and live the impressive results to see your life more clearly and to determine your new direction and steps needed to reach your goal.

Stage One Pack

  • A welcome letter to welcome participants to this stage, explaining what the stage is about and what to expect.
  • Step by step instructions for Stage One: Realize
    • 8 Steps
    • 196 Instruction Cards
  • Stage One Wallet with 7 pockets containing 106 elements as follows:
    • 4 tools designed specifically for this stage
    • 47 different art shapes to be used for this stage
  • A closing note to recap and prepare for next stage

Stage Two Pack

  • A welcome letter to welcome participants to this stage, explaining what the stage is about and what to expect.
  • Step by step instructions for Stage Two: Disengage
    • 10 Steps
    • 140 Instruction Cards
  • Stage Two Wallet with 10 pockets containing 108 elements as follows:
    • 11 tools designed specifically for this stage
    • 28 different art shapes to be used for this stage
  • A closing note to recap and prepare for next stage

Stage Three Pack

  • A welcome letter to welcome participants to this stage, explaining what the stage is about and what to expect.
  • Step by step instructions for Stage Three: Fulfill
    • 5 Steps
    • 112 Instruction Cards
  • Stage Three Wallet with 3 pockets containing 32 elements as follows:
    • 4 tools designed specifically for this stage
  • A closing note to recap and prepare for next stage

Stage Four Pack

  • A welcome letter to welcome participants to this stage, explaining what the stage is about and what to expect.
  • Step by step instructions for Stage Four: Submit
    • 8 Steps
    • 92 Instruction Cards
  • Stage Four Wallet with 8 pockets containing 120 elements as follows:
    • 6 tools designed specifically for this stage
    • 38 different art shapes to be used for this stage
  • A closing note to recap

Stationery Pack

  • Paper of different sizes and colors
    • A6 x10
    • A4 x8
    • A3 x4
    • B1 x1
  • A journaling notebook
  • Journal Cover
  • Journal Index Card

Material Case

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • Set of 12 coloring pens
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A correction pen
  • Two highlighters of different colors
  • Rubber bands

I am ready to live the Visoul Experience

Here are some opinions of those who have experienced Visoul and have experienced significant development and improvement in their lives

Esam Majrashi, Dammam

A beautiful and profound experience. The tool that has had a major impact during my experience is the second stage: Disengage.

The surprise was in the presence of fake obstacles and other real ones, from the closest people to me.

Kate Bleakley, Kent, UK

The Gain Chart in stage 3 was really useful for me in terms of breaking down the steps that we needed to look at different areas in my life and had the steps to get there as well and the process was really good how it breaks it down to be able to do that. And I found the color coding and the future simulation that was really useful taking looking at the different steps and then looking back at what my goals and my purpose my values were and seeing if the actions I picked were in line with that or not and if not to rethink about it so to really have an action plan that would get me where I want to be.

Rakan Tarabzoni, Riyadh

Going through it, I realized things about myself that I never thought of, at least not from that perspective. This box will help you discover certain emotions, dreams, wishes, goals or desires that you have always had but somehow they were always blocked or suppressed deep inside of you. You will find out that you have people in your life that should NOT be there, and others that are not there, whom you need to invite into your life. You will learn what you need to do to achieve those dreams of yours. Most of all, at least for me, you will realize that life is better with company, and that everyone needs a copilot. Having a partner in life will make all its low moments bearable and all its high moments much more enjoyable

Sameer Mohammed, Makkah

Visoul is the biggest turning point in my life. Many courses have been attended, I read many books in self-development, this experience is the end of a phase in my life. Thirty years from my life passed and only one belief was stopping me to achieve my dreams and goals. The most important realization from the Visoul Experience is that I corrected or deleted this belief from my mind and became flying in the sky and my ambition really became the sky .. I have the reins of my affairs lead my life I see my future clearly.

Karina Frelich, Dubai

As of tomorrow, definitely I'll start to write the book which we finished today “Chapter 99". How to solve my past and the things which are holding me back. Also, I'll try to be more productive with days. Instead of just, having days passing by. I'd actually think how the day could help me in either achieving the goal, or either eliminating the obstacles.

After going through this experience, I think my business will be more organized than that. Because this will bring me closer to my goal. I need to really focus on building it and giving my business more structure, rather than just, having it day by day and tomorrow it will happen. I'll try to have more like a structure to it, rules and kind of a plan in place for it.

Magdolin Boukhary, Jeddah

I came in not knowing what to expect. I think I had most of these ideas in mind, through my therapist, through my own personal coaching of myself. But having it drawn in such a positive atmosphere, just pictures your life.

I think my next step is how I'm going to achieve this. But I realized I'm the only person putting myself down. And I'm blaming the wrong people and the wrong items.

Jesse Ashby, Twickenham, UK

It was good that you're able to put all down on paper and actually just let that out. I quite enjoyed it actually, it means I can express myself easier. It's really good for making sure that you're getting what you're thinking at the time down on paper even if you're not the most artistic. It's sort of way of a good way of expressing yourself and there's actually handy you've got that much space that you can move things around but things you earn in the perspective of which you feel like they should work.

I think wherever I wanted to freedom to talk about whatever I thought was important or maybe not as important as I thought it was I think making sure that I was comfortable I could place things whoever I wanted and I could achieve adapt some things the sort of flexibility to allow that to be done my way, was actually really helpful to me. like I didn't feel like I was fighting in every step.

Hanan Alsaif, Riyadh

It's been two and a half years since I did my session. At that time, I was in a very foggy and gray area in my life. I wasn't sure what I wanted, where I was going...Very confused. I went through that session, had my experience, had my life mapped in front of me and I even remember a lot of the details.

It's been two and a half years and it's amazing how I was able to accomplish and reach everything on my life-map except one thing which I chose actually to delay a bit it had nothing to do with not being able to accomplish it, I actually could've but I chose that it wasn't the right time.

I'm more content with myself, with the decisions I make, and it's okay if I mess up. You know? Before, I was very hard on myself. "I shouldn't be messing up". Now, it's like, you know, it's okay...I mess up, I pick up and I'll be fine. So, number one: I remarried, and I married the person I was in love with at that time so, I would say that's the best thing. Number two: I made a family, so I had a baby, almost 9 months old now. And, number three: I just became happier with myself.

Abeer Bin Madhi, Jeddah

I have personal experience with Visoul which is very deep and wonderful and opens you to many things deep inside. The experience is so wonderful and deep it opened up many things I was unconscious about. Very grateful.

Actuary expert Kate Bleakley lived the Visoul Experience more than once and found it very helpful to organize her thoughts as she embarks on a new career path.

International Fitness Champion Karina Frelich used Visoul to find out what is holding her back from achieving higher goals

Film Maker Maram Taiba was able to live a smooth transition from the corporate world to building her creative writing online business after she lived the Visoul Experience

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