Stage One: Realize
Stage One: Realize
Stage One: Realize

Stage One: Realize

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In this exercise, you will create an illustration that visually represents your situation, desires, and plans for the future. Upon completion, you will have gained a clear picture of what it really is you want in life.

What's Included

  • Visoul Material Envelope - Stage One: Realize 
    • A welcome letter to welcome participants to this stage, explaining what the stage is about and what to expect.
    • Step by step instructions for Stage One: Realize
      • 8 Steps
      • 196 Instruction Cards
    • Stage One Wallet with 7 pockets containing 106 elements as follows:
      • 4 tools designed specifically for this stage
      • 47 different art shapes to be used for this stage
    • A closing note to recap and prepare for next stage

    • Visoul Pencil Case – for Stage One
      • A pencil
      • An eraser
      • A pencil sharpener
      • A set of 12 coloring markers
      • A pair of scissors
      • A glue stick
      • Rubber bands
    • Visoul Stationery Pack Envelope
      • Paper of different sizes and colors
        • A6 x10, B1 x1